Tailored promoter screens

We perform tailored screens to identify promoters, enhancers (and combinations) that drive gene expression in the right cell-type and under the right conditions.

Using our SuRE methodology we generate genome-wide profiles of active promoters and enhancers in different cell types (see Figure). By comparing such profiles we identify genomic regions that are highly active in a cell type specific manner. Alternatively, the same cell type may be studied under different stimuli to identify conditionally active regulatory elements.

Figure legend. By screening millions of DNA elements in different cell types or under different conditions, optimal promoters and enhancers can be identified to drive your transgene. See main text for further explanation.

Major advantages of our approach:

  • Scale: by screening >200 million DNA elements we immediately find the most promising DNA elements which we then further test at the protein level
  • Setting: DNA elements are tested in the same setting in which they will be used: outside of their normal genomic context. This ensures that identified DNA elements are autonomous and sufficient to drive gene expression.
  • Stability: using human DNA as the basis for our screen we ensure that the identified promoters and enhancers will not be recognized as foreign DNA, thereby avoiding progressive inactivation as seen for example for the viral CMV promoter.